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Design, run, and analyze experiments while collaborating in real-time with colleagues.

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Why use Effex?

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Minimize experimental effort and maximizes knowledge discovery from each experiment.

Delivers the optimal experimental design tailored for your specific problem

Collaborate with other departments in our cloud-first environment

Built on OMARS (orthogonal minimally aliased response surface)

Efficient and comprehensive, captures interactions between variables; optimizes resource use

Built-in experiment management, traceability and calculations

Requires a large number of trials as complexity increases

Might not capture all possible interactions

Fails to detect interactions between variables; inefficient as only one variable changes per experiment

Manual effort to manage experiments, traceability, calculations

Time is not pre-defined: depending on the results the number of experiments can expand or contract

A design for every challenge

Effex helps you find the right design for your experiments.

Select the best designs

Compare thousands of designs considering multiple criteria at the same time in our design catalog. That way, you can easily filter to find your ideal plans and assess the trade-off between size and quality.

Identify more effects with less experimental effort

Design experiments with more factors from the start at a lower cost than existing commercial available designs.

An ever-evolving catalog of designs

Get access to the latest design catalog, which is updated with new designs continuously.

No more difficult discussions, uncover hidden insights on the relationships between inputs and outputs

Find the best mathematical models for you.

Gather evidence on the influence of the parameters

Design experiments with more factors from the start at a lower cost than existing commercial available designs.

Causal relationships

Master complex experiments with precision, even with over 100 parameters

Master complex experiments

Using experimental data, you can discover and quantify causal relations between inputs and outputs

Discover the most optimal conditions for your process and explore with your peers

We help you to find the best operating conditions for your input so that your product and/or process is a success.

Explore a multi-dimensional space of inputs and outputs

Our graphical tools offer an intuitive exploration of your design space and the trade-offs between the criteria

Incorporate cost while optimizing

Is one of the materials used in the experiment very expensive? Find the ideal operating conditions at a minimal cost.

Optimize problems with 10 inputs and 20 outputs in real time

Our interactive graphs for modeling and optimization are uniquely powered by the synergy of combinatorics and statistics, setting a new standard in process optimization.

Experiment design that is out of this world.


Orthogonal minimally aliased response surface (OMARS) designs are a new mathematical matrix that lets you have easy management of a design while keeping complexity.

Case studies

Discover our success

Explore Effex’s most impactfull case studies

Discover optimization and efficiency in your experiments

Whether you’re a newcomer to design of experiments or a seasoned statistician looking for a demo, we’re ready to guide you and determine if Effex is right for you.

Frequently asked questions

Discover our most frequently asked questions, curated for clarity and to address any questions you might have.

What makes Effex’s Design of Experiment approach different from others?

Effex software is special for several reasons. First, a user can easily compare experimental designs and access a large catalogue of exclusive OMARS designs to make the best decision for experimental design. Second, a user can benefit from our graphical and recommendation algorithms to select the best models. Thirdly, a user can explore competing optimal combinations of factor values to select the most appropriate one.

Can I import data from external sources into Effex?

Of course! Records can be copied and pasted from Excel or any other spreadsheet into our platform.

What tools does Effex offer for data analysis?

In its first release, Effex allows multiple linear regression for large problems with multiple quantitative and categorical factors. This classical statistical modelling technique is combined with a novel approach to model selection and a graphical interactive interface that helps the user to discover the most influential effects.

Is Effex suitable for large-scale experiments with multiple factors?

Providing experimental design, data analysis and optimisation for multi-factor and multi-response experiments is one of the strongest features of Effex. The OMARS designs accessible through the software have already helped industries save up to 40% of experimental effort and optimise problems with up to 18 different responses.

Can I store and reuse experimental designs for future use in Effex?

Your designs are always available in the software's library, where you can easily share them with colleagues.

Is my data safe in the Effex platform?

The uploaded datasets, analysis and conclusions are stored in isolated cloud storage instances on AWS. No one user has access to another user's data, and every security measure has been taken to protect this sensitive data.