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Empowering the future of research, one experiment at a time.

Design of Experiments (DoE) has been a staple in research for ages, yet Effex introduces a transformative perspective to it. Originating from extensive research at KU Leuven’s Biostatistics group, led by Prof. Peter Goos and spearheaded by Dr. Ir. José Núñez Ares, Effex's methodology for experimental plans surpasses traditional approaches in efficiency. With keen insights from our clients, we've developed a modern, web-based platform that meets current industry demands, offering users top-tier experimental planning tools, rather than settling for outdated software.

Empowering the future of research

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Our Values

What we stand for

At Effex, our core values shape every decision we make and guide our interactions with clients, partners, and each other. We deeply value:

Integrity & transparency

Honesty is paramount in our work. We're committed to being open about our processes, ensuring that our clients always understand and trust the steps we take on their behalf.

Collaboration & communication

We believe that the best outcomes arise when diverse minds come together. Promoting an environment of teamwork and open dialogue ensures that innovative solutions are born and refined through collective insight.

Empowerment & Growth

At the heart of Effex is our team. We invest in the professional and personal development of our members, fostering an environment where individuals are empowered to learn, innovate, and excel.

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Meet the team behind Effex

From expert statisticians to visionary developers and supportive customer relations specialists, every member plays a pivotal role in delivering the unparalleled quality and innovation Effex is known for. Dive deeper and get to know the people who make it all possible.

Peter Goos
Co-Founder & full professor at KU Leuven
Julie Schurgers
Business Development
Nele Gregoor
Admin Officer
Dewi Van De Vyver
Co-Founder & CEO
Jose Nunez Ares
Co-Founder & CSO
David Barreiro
Team Lead
Thomas Vanausloos
Romain Slootmaekers
Tom Vanhooreweder

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